Your neck bent

On that evening we walked but

I keep forgetting the buildings around you

There’s an eclipse on my mind

Your neck bent

And that only instant beclouded

All the things we did somehow

Not the Agbar tower glaring

Nor the waiting for those lights

I can’t even call the fights

Of the people demonstrating

While we sat on the square staring

Neither can I help but loosing

The fountain you wrote about

There’s a fugue on my memory

There’s a limbo somewhere

Where that dearest evening sights

Must be joining by bites

All the words you never got

I know you did, but can’t remember

Your talks about religion

I know I told you, but can’t recall

My theories on modern cinema

The reminisce of your guide

Through my own city

Has vanished like the silence

I never got used to

A sole remembrance grew

Too much for my flawed brain

Forcing others to queue:

Your skinny body laid a little

Legs on ground, face to the sky

Your head tending towards

The back of that wood bench

Just for a blink of an eye

Your neck bent

Your neck bent, a jewelery box

Disclosing to show a pearl

A momentary juncture

Of your voice, your soul, your flesh

Your Adam’s apple,

The silhouette of your throat

Your skin tight like velvet

Your tiny veins of gold

Larynx like ivory

Your neck bent in metaphors

I’d try to use as art

And now it destroys me

Not being able to look back

And tell where your eyes were headed

If only I had known

How much would I drown

In that glimpse of beauty

I’d have hired to collect it

All the painters in the world

You’ll find silly to forget

Ice-creams and jokes

For the image of a neck

But how pleasing’s my amnesia

How bright’s the shadow I bear

How nice the everyday wake up

When I get to caress it in dreams

And touch it with lips bare

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